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Minor Programme

The Minor Programme was first implemented in 2017/18 academic year. Starting from 2018/19 academic year, it was expanded to cover students of ALL HSUHK undergraduate programmes in ALL years.

In 2021/22 academic year, there are 24 Minor Programmes for students to choose.

To be eligible for the award of Minor, a student is required to

(a) complete, either by passing the assessment of the module or by credit transfer or module exemption, at least 15 credits, of which 9 credits must be at level 3 or above; and

(b) attain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above in all the modules required for the Minor Programme.

In the case of credit transfer or module exemption, the maximum number of credits to be transferred or exempted is 6 and the transfer/exemption must be approved by Programme Director or his/her designate.

Only non-major modules, such as Business Education modules, Common Core Curriculum modules or Free Electives, can be double-counted for the award of Minor. There may be pre-requisite for the modules required for a particular Minor Programme.

A student can declare more than one Minor but the modules that s/he uses to declare a Minor Programme cannot be used again to declare for another.

Students cannot claim a Minor Programme from the Major Programme/Concentration in which s/he is enrolled. Individual Schools and Departments may impose further restrictions on the Minor Programmes being offered, and students should check with the offering Department/School or visit the websites of Registry or offering Department/School for details of restrictions.

Students taking Minor Programmes will NOT have priority in registering for the modules of their Minor Programmes. Departments/Schools will try to accommodate the demand for Minor Programme modules but there is no guarantee that such demand can be met.

Students must formally declare their Minor Programme(s) at the last semester of their final year of studies. The declaration (REG-UG Form 20) has to be verified by the Progamme Office of respective student’s Major to ensure that the modules in concern are non-major modules, as well as endorsed by the Programme Office of the Minor before it is submitted to Registry by the student. Subsequent changes to or late submission of the declaration will not be considered.

The award of Minor, if approved, will only be recorded in the academic transcript but not on the graduation certificate nor the qualification title.

For the list of designated Academic Advisors for students, please click here.

Minor Programmes Available for 2021/22

Minor  Offering School/Department Students from the following programme(s) are not eligible to declare the specified Minor
Accounting Department of Accountancy BBA-ACC and BBA-PA
Asian Studies Department of Social Science BSS-AS
Business Administration School of Business BBA and ALL BBA-XXX
Chinese Department of Chinese BA-CHI
Communication School of Communication BJC
Communication Technology School of Communication BA-CMCT
Computing Department of Computing BA-AHCC and BSC-AC
Corporate Governance Department of Accountancy BBA-CG and BBA-CGC
Cultural and Creative Industries Department of Art and Design BA-CCI
Decision Analytics Department of Supply Chain and Information Management BMSIM
English Department of English BA-ENG
European Studies School of Translation and Foreign Languages NA
French, German and Spanish 

(Pilot scheme for BBA-GB students Only)

School of Business

School of Translation and Foreign Languages

All programmes except BBA-GB
E-commerce Department of Supply Chain and Information Management BMSIM
Finance and Banking Department of Economics and Finance BBA-BAF, BBA-FA and BBA-FB
Financial Analysis Department of Economics and Finance BBA-BAF, BBA-FA and BBA-FB
General Business Department of Marketing BBA and ALL BBA-XXX
Human Resource Management Department of Management BBA-HRM
Insurance Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Insurance BSC-AIN
Management Department of Management BBA-MGT
Marketing Department of Marketing BBA-MKT
Statistical Analysis Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Insurance BSC-DSBI
Supply Chain Management Department of Supply Chain and Information Management BBA-SCM
Translation School of Translation and Foreign Languages BTB