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Minor Programme

The Minor Programme was first implemented in 2017/18 academic year. Starting from 2018/19 academic year, it was expanded to cover students of ALL HSUHK undergraduate programmes in ALL years.

In 2020/21 academic year, there are 22 Minor Programmes for students to choose.

The component of a Minor Programme can consist of a set of specific modules selected from a particular discipline. Students are required to complete at least 15 credits of which at least 9 credits must be at level 3 or above, for fulfillment of the requirement of a Minor Programme. Whilst there is no entry requirement for specific Minors, there may be pre-requisites for individual modules required for a Minor Programme. Please consult the module offering department if you have any questions.

For the award of Minor Programme, only the non-major modules (i.e. modules grouped under Business Education, Common Core Curriculum and Free Electives) can be double counted.

Students should select their Minor Programmes which are different from their admitted programmes or existing Major/ Concentration/ Stream. Individual Schools and Departments may impose further restrictions on the Minor Programmes being offered.

To fulfill the requirements of a Minor Programme, student must complete all specified modules either by attendance with Pass grade, module exemption or credit transfer. The maximum module exemption or credit transfer for a Minor is limited to 6 credits only.

Minor Programme students will not have priority in taking minor modules in the registration process. Student who opts for a Minor Programme should plan for completing the required modules and monitor his/her study progress during the study period. There is no commitment on the fulfilment of Minor Programme requirements before graduation on either side.

Upon completion of all the graduation requirements for the admitted programme, a student will be eligible for an award of Minor if he/she has a cGPA 2.0 or above in all modules required for the Minor Programme. Providing the credits taken for the Minor Programme meet the requirements for a specific minor award, the students may apply to graduate with a Minor in addition to the award of their admitted programmes. The award of Minor Programme will ONLY be indicated in the academic transcript and will not appear in the certificate of award and qualification title.

Students may declare for ONE or more Minor(s) with different modules, i.e. the modules used for fulfilling the requirement of Minor A cannot be counted for fulfilling Minor B. Students who have completed or are on the verge of completing their minors will be required to make a formal declaration by completing and submitting the Declaration Form (REG-UG Form 20) to the Registry at the last semester of their final years before graduation. The Programme Office of the Major Programme has to verify whether the selected modules are non-major modules for endorsement of the Programme Office of the Minor Programme before submitting to Registry for further action. Subsequent change or late submission of application will not be considered.

For the list of designated Academic Advisors for students, please click here.

Minor Programmes Available for 2020/21