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About Registry

The Registry is committed to provide quality services to students and staff in support of the University vision of aspiring to be a leading private liberal-arts-oriented university in the region, recognised for excellence in teaching, learning and research, serving and advancing our society and the world. It comprised four units namely:

  • Programme Development and Quality Assurance Unit
  • Student Recruitment and Admissions Unit
  • Registration and Academic Records Unit
  • Academic Regulations Unit

We provide services and support to students and staff of the University in the following major areas:

  •  Academic information and publications (Academic Regulations, Policy Guidelines and Procedures, HSUHK Quality Assurance Manual, University Catalogue, etc.)
  • Student recruitment and admission
  • Student registration and academic records
  • Class scheduling, module registration and add/drop
  • Scheduling and administration of examinations
  • Transcript and other academic certification
  • Programme development, accreditation and quality assurance and CEF application
  • Academic events and ceremonies (Information Day, Summer Academy, Convocation for New Students, Graduation Ceremony, etc.)
  • Secretariat of the Academic Board, Academic Planning and Development Committee, Admissions Committee, University Examinations and Assessment Committee, University Student Disciplinary Committee and Graduate Studies Committee