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[UG 2022/23] Application of Programme Transfer or subsidised vacancies of programmes under SSSDP

To UG Students

If you wish to apply for programme transfer or subsidised vacancies of programmes under Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors (SSSDP), please submit the Application for Programme Transfer (REG Form 04), together with the result summary of all semesters, to the Registry on or before 5pm, 9 June 2022. Please note the requirements below. Students may be invited for interview and/or written test upon Programme Office’s request:

Programme Cumulative GPA* Requirement
BBA-CG/CGC 2.80 or above
BBA-ECON 2.50 or above
BBA-FA 2.50 or above
BBA-FB 2.50 or above
BBA-GB 3.00 or above
BBA-GBM 3.40 or above
BBA-HRM 3.40 or above
BBA-MGT 3.40 or above
BBA-MKT 3.00 or above
BBA-PA 2.80 or above
BA-CMCT 2.50 or above
BJC 2.50 or above
BA-AHCC/ BSC-AC^ 2.50 or above
BBA-SCM^ 2.60 or above
BMSIM^ 2.80 or above
BSC-AIN^ 2.80 or above
BSC-DSBI^ 2.80 or above
BA-AD^ 2.50 or above
BA-CCI 2.50 or above
BA-CHI 2.50 or above
BA-ENG 2.50 or above
BA-PSY 2.50 or above#
BSS-AS 2.50 or above
BSS-PPE 2.50 or above
BTB 2.50 or above

* Cumulative GPA of Semester 2, 2021/22 

^ Programme under Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors (SSSDP)

# Applicants must have taken and passed PSY1001 and/or PSY2001 and/or PSY2002 in their Year 1.

Please refer to the Academic Regulations for Undergraduate Programmes (Section 8) for the relevant information. Applications will be subject to the final approval of the transfer-in programme. The year of study of the new programme and the number of credits to be transferred will be determined by the Programme Director of the transfer-in programme. Result of the application will be released by the Registry through email on or before 12 August 2022.


Please note that students are NOT allowed to withdraw once the application is submitted.


Should you have further questions, please send email to Thank you.

01 June 2022