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Application for Taking Extra Credits (with Additional Fee) in Semester 1, 2022/23

To: UG Students

Cc: All Staff

This serves to inform you of the arrangement of taking extra credits in Semester 1, 2022/23.

If students wish to apply for taking extra credits (number of credits taken exceeds 18 credits) in Semester 1, 2022/23, please complete and submit the e-Application for Taking Extra Credits (with Additional Fee) (UG) via eCampus (MyHSUHK > Form > Taking Extra Credit). You are advised to read the Notes to Applicants carefully before you submit the application form. Please note that students with Academic Warning/Academic Probation status are not eligible to apply for taking extra credits.

We will accept your application from now on until 12:00 noon, 16 September 2022. You will be informed of the application result via e-mail. Please note that additional tuition fee will be incurred for the extra credits (excluding credits related to field experience, internship and company project). You will receive the debit note in due course, you may refer to the Appendix II: Fees Schedules in the Academic Regulations for Undergraduate Programmes for details.

Thank you for your attention.

12 August 2022