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[Release of Module Results] (TPG) Summer Term, 2022/23

To: All Postgraduate students

Cc: All staff 


Please be informed that the Module Results for Summer Term, 2022/23 will be released at 10am, 21 August 2023. Please check your results here. 


Meanwhile, we would also like to draw your attention to the following:   


1.     Application for Grade Review of Final Result of Module 


Students who wish to apply for grade review of final module assessment are required to submit the Application for Grade Review of Final Result of Module (REG e-Form 08), together with the relevant supporting documents/evidence and an application fee of HK$150 for each module to be reviewed, to the Registry by 6pm, 23 August 2023. Please note that each student can only apply for review of up to 3 modules in a semester. Late submission of application will not be considered. 


Students will be notified of the grade review results via eCampus in late-September 2023. 


2.     Application for “Academic Transcript” 


Students who wish to apply for copies of Academic Transcript are required to fill in the Application Form for Academic Transcript (REG e-Form 14). Students may submit their application and pay an administration fee to the Registry starting from 21 August 2023 (module results of Semester 2 will be included). Please allow 7 working days for application processing. 


Notes: Graduands who are approved by the Academic Board for graduation will receive ONE set of Academic Transcript and ONE Letter of Certification. The documents will be sent by ordinary mail to the graduands’ address on eCampus starting from 16 October 2023 (detailed arrangements will be given in due course). Graduands who wish to request for extra copy/copies, please complete and submit REG e-Form 14 to the Registry 



  1. For students with pending module results but wish to apply for grade review, they should submit the application within 3 working days after the release of the confirmed results. 
  2. Application Forms mentioned above could be found at the Registry Website. 
  3. Module results of students with outstanding tuition and/or other fees will be withheld until all fees have been settled. 


Should you have any questions, please send email to Thank you for your kind attention. 

17 August 2023