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Important Information to TPG Students for the Commencement of the New Academic Year 2022/23

Dear TPG Students,

On behalf of the University, the Registry would like to welcome all returning and new students of Taught Postgraduate (TPG) programmes to the new academic year of 2022/23.  The first teaching day for Semester 1, 2022/23, will be on Monday, 5 September 2022 (except for Master of Business Management programme).  We would like to draw your attention to the following important points regarding your study at the University:

Teaching and Learning Activities and Examinations

  1. All classes and examinations will be conducted face-to-face on-campus according to the assigned timetables in the scheduled classrooms/venues.  No online broadcasting will be available.
  1. The University will stay vigilant to the pandemic situation and if it worsens, special arrangements for classes/ examinations may be implemented when deemed necessary and appropriate.  Students should stay alert from time to time to the University announcements via Gmail and Connect (eCampus).


  1. Students are expected to attend all the classes/ examinations as scheduled by the Programme and students should approach the respective Programme Office if they encounter any special situations that may affect their attendance.

Student Portal

  1. A student’s personal data, programme study plan, personal timetable, academic results and study progress are kept and maintained in the Student Portal.  Students can login in the eCampus and access the Student Portal through myHSUHK to get the said important information about their studies.

Learning Support

  1. Appropriate guidance and assistance will be provided by the Programme Team to the students as deemed appropriate and feasible.  Students may refer to the Directory of Schools/ Departments/ Programmes for support and advice on their studies from the related offices.

Academic Conduct

  1. The University upholds academic integrity and adopts zero tolerance to academic frauds.  Dishonesty in completing assignments, assessment and examinations, including plagiarism and cheating, is liable to possible disciplinary actions.  Details regarding students’ academic and behavioural misconduct and the procedures for handling students disciplinary issues are laid down in the Academic Regulations.

Class/ Examination Arrangements during Bad Weather

  1. Special arrangements will be made to classes/ examinations in view of tropical cyclone warning, rainstorm warning or “Extreme Conditions” announcement is issued or about to be issued.  The arrangements during bad weather are applicable to all classes, assignments, assessments and examinations, irrespective of the formats in which they are delivered or arranged.

Registry Services

  1. The Registry provides a wide range of services to the students including but not limited to the maintenance of records on student data, academic progress and awards conferred and issuance of academic credentials. Students are welcome to refer to the Registry website for the Academic RegulationsAcademic Calendar,  Important Dates, etc. and should also stay alert to the announcements released by the Registry on Connect and Gmail for the important information relating to your study.  Meanwhile, students are welcome to contact the Registry for any enquiries and assistance.

Student Information Hub

  1. The Student Information Hub provides a one-stop platform for the students to get access to the important and useful information relating to their studies and campus life at the University (e.g. academic life, programme information, scholarship and financial assistance, etc.).  Students are encouraged to make good use of the Hub in pursuing a fruitful life throughout their studies at the University.

Public Health and Campus Hygiene

  1. Please refer to the HSUHK Latest Announcements on COVID-19 for the latest updates of HSUHK on COVID-19 and the related health and safety measures.

We wish you all a remarkable and prosperous academic year of 2022/23 at the HSUHK!

1 September 2022