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[7 May 2021] Summer Term of AY2020/21

To: All Students

  1. The Summer Term of AY2020/21 will commence on 7 June 2021 until 24 July 2021 with the End-of-Module examinations to be held from 26 to 31 July 2021.
  1. Please be reminded that classes and final examinations of the Summer Term will be conducted face-to-face on-campus. The University will stay vigilant to the pandemic situation and if it worsens, classes may be supplemented with live broadcast or conducted solely online and examinations may be held in other formats. Please stay alert from time to time to University announcements via email and eCampus.
  1. Kindly please note there may be modules with practice elements that require on-campus classes regardless of teaching mode. Besides, some modules may have special class arrangements, such as more intensive or with irregular class schedules. Please note the remarks of individual modules on the List of Modules.

Attendance Requirements

  1. Students are required to observe the attendance requirements in the Summer Term. Students are always recommended to seek advice from respective module teachers if you are not able to attend classes due to various reasons and submit REG Form 02 to the Registry if you need to apply for extended leave of 5 consecutive days or more. Students are always recommended to seek advice from respective module teachers on matters relating to course work. Teachers may always exercise their discretion to handle attendance requirements or make other appropriate arrangements.

Arrangements during Inclement Weather

  1. Special arrangements for classes and examinations under Inclement Weather is applicable to ALL modes of teaching.

Fulfilment of University Graduation Requirements for Final-year UG Students

  1. The IT Learning Centre (for IT Proficiency Test), Institute for Chinese Language and Culture (for Putonghua Proficiency Exit Requirement), Department of English (for English Proficiency Exit Requirement) and Student Affairs Office (for CS, ECA and PA hours) have made/will make corresponding arrangements to facilitate students to fulfil the University Graduation Requirements. Final-year students are advised to stay alert to announcements made by respective units from time to time and act promptly and accordingly.

Taught Postgraduate Programmes

  1. 7. This update is only applicable to undergraduate programmes. Teaching and examination arrangements for TPG programmes will be announced by respective Programme Offices, Departments or Schools.

Campus Hygiene and Precautionary Measures

  1. Please refer to the University’s announcements on COVID 19 for Precautionary Measures for On-campus Face-to-face Examination and Policy Guidelines for Handling COVID-19 Cases at HSUHK.

We wish you all a successful finale to the academic year at HSUHK!

7 May 2021