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Department of Art and Design


1.       QF Level is determined in accordance with the Generic Level Descriptors (GLD)

2.       Major: A major core / major elective module for a programme

3.       Minor: A core/elective module for a Minor Programme

4.       Business Core: A business core module for a programme

5.      Common Core Curriculum: A CCC module that has been approved by the Common Core Curriculum Committee

6.       General Education:  Cluster 1 Humanities  Cluster 2 Social Sciences  Cluster 3 Science and Technology  Cluster 4 Moral Reasoning

[Once a GE module is listed as a major core / major elective of an individual programme, the students of that specific programme are restricted from taking that module to fulfil the GE requirement.]

[GE modules, including those offered by the School of Business, should only serve the purpose of fulfilling GE requirements, instead of fulfilling other requirements such as business elective.]

7.       The official Medium of Instruction is English, unless otherwise approved by Academic Board

8.       Prerequisites: Prior knowledge in these modules is required for taking the existing module

9.       Exclusions: Modules which are mutually exclusive from the existing module in a course of study


1.      All modules will be regarded as Free Elective except those excluded modules

2.       For the application of graduation, all modules (i.e. modules grouped under Major, Major Electives, Business Core, Business Electives, Common Core Curriculum and Free Electives) cannot be double counted