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Entrance Scholarships (Year 1 Entry)

In 2019/20, HSUHK offers the following entrance scholarships to qualified1, 2, 3 new local Year 1 students:

(The entrance scholarships for the 2020 intake will be announced soon.)

Scheme 1 EN
Scheme 2 EN
Dean's Award EN
CG Scholarship EN

Scholarship for Principal Recommended Admission Scheme4

Eligible admittees under this Scheme may receive one-off scholarships valued HK$10,000 each.

HSUHK Entrance Bursary Scheme

For candidates who are admitted to an undergraduate programme with genuine financial hardship may receive one-off bursary valued up to HK$20,000 each, depending on candidate’s financial background.


1.  Only students admitted with current year HKDSE result are eligible.
2.  Academic result of combined HKDSE certificates will not be considered.
3.  Students will not be awarded any entrance scholarship if they have transferred or been readmitted to the same or another programme for whatever reasons.
4.  The scholarship is distributed on a competitive and merit basis.