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Visa Application and Arrival Arrangement (for Non-local Applicants Only)

According to regulations stipulated by the Immigration Department, non-local students who do not have the right of abode / right to land in Hong Kong are required to apply for a valid HKSAR student visa / entry permit through their Hong Kong institutions, which will take up the sponsorship for their studies in Hong Kong.  HSUHK will assist those admitted students in applying for student visas / entry permits. Students need to pay the visa application fee to the Registry along with the visa application documents.  After receiving the Hong Kong student visas / entry permits, mainland China students should apply for the Exit-Entry Permit in their household Public Security Bureaus.  Persons with visitor visas are not allowed to study in Hong Kong.

Complete and Submit Application

Complete and sign the application form ID995(A) with a recent photo affixed. The application form and application guideline can be downloaded from the website of the Immigration Department

Submit Supporting Documents

Submit the photocopies of the following supporting documents (Do not submit original copies. All submitted documents will not be returned.)

  1. Applicant’s travel document containing personal particulars, date of issue, date of expiry and/or details of any re-entry visa held (if applicable). For an applicant who is currently staying in the HKSAR, photocopy of his/her travel document page containing the latest arrival stamp/landing slip/extension of stay label in the HKSAR.
  2. Proof of financial standing, e.g. savings account passbooks, family or individual salary slips, asset proof, etc.  If the financial sponsorship is taken up by a third party, not parents, please provide a signed undertaking stating 1) relationship with the applicant, 2) guarantee to sponsor the applicant’s expenses incurred during his / her period of study in Hong Kong, 3) sponsor’s contact details e.g. telephone number or email  and 4) attach the official proof of relationship with the applicant.
  3. If the applicant is under the age of 18 and wishes to authorise HSUHK to be the guardian, a consent letter duly signed by both the guardian and one of the applicant’s parents should be produced.
  4. Applicant’s Macao identity card [for Macao residents only].
  5. Applicant’s household registration in Taiwan and Taiwan identity card [for Taiwan residents only].

Applicants should post the completed and signed application form and required supporting documents to Registry (Registry, 1/F, Block N, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, Hang Shin Link, Siu Lek Yuen, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong) before the deadline stipulated by the HSUHK.

Collect Student Visa

HSUHK will collect the HKSAR student visas / entry permits on behalf of the students. The student visas / entry permits will be posted to the students by express delivery.

After Applying

After receiving the HKSAR student visa / entry permit, the visa/entry permit label should be affixed onto a blank visa page of the applicant’s travel document for presentation to the immigration officer upon arrival in the HKSAR. Eligible students will be notified of the relaxation individually by a “No Objection Letter” (NOL) upon approval of entry applications. Students are required to present the original copy of the NOL for taking up study / curriculum-related internship in the HKSAR.


a.  Immigration Department officers have the right to request applicants to present any supporting documents when processing their applications.
b.  According to the regulations under the Immigration Department, non-local students with HKSAR student visa / entry permit should strictly comply with the following:
i.    Undertake the specific programmes at the stipulated universities or institutions which have been approved by the Director of Immigration;
ii.    Not allowed to take up any paid or no-pay employment, to start or take part in any business before obtaining written approval from the Director of Immigration.
iii.  Students whose study period is not less than one academic year may take up curriculum-related internship, which should be arranged / approved by the institution.
iv.   Students are required to comply with relevant visa regulations and ordinances.
c.  All non-local students should assure their full-time student status during the period of study in Hong Kong. HSUHK will inform the Hong Kong Immigration Department of any changes, and rescind the visa and its sponsorship.
d.  Please click here for the definition of non-local students who are required to apply for HKSAR student visa / entry permit.

e.  Normally it takes 6-8 weeks to process the Hong Kong student visa / entry permit upon receipt of all necessary documents. In order not to defer your admission, students are advised to submit their visa applications as early as possible.
f.   You may contact HSUHK’s Registry for enquiries about Hong Kong student visa / entry permit application, or visit the homepage of the Hong Kong Immigration Department
g.   The above content should be subject to the latest announcement on the homepage of the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

Extension of Stay

Admitted non-local students are required to obtain a valid travel document and student visa / entry permit during the period of study in Hong Kong.  Students may apply for extension of stay via the Hong Kong Immigration Department if necessary, within 4 weeks before the visa expiry date so as to continue their studies in Hong Kong. Such application takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks upon receipt of all necessary documents to process.  Students may choose to contact the Registry for details, or visit the homepage of the Hong Kong Immigration Department (

The above content should be subject to the latest announcement on the homepage of the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

Preparation before arrival

Non-local students may take the following checklist as reference:

1.  Valid travel documents (e.g. passport, Exit-entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao, ID card)
2.  Student visa / entry permit issued by Hong Kong Immigration Department
3.  Original copy of No Objection Letter (NOL)
4.  Exit-entry Permit issued by the household Public Security Bureau
5.  Recent photos
6.  Admission letter issued by HSUHK
7.  Original academic proof (e.g. academic transcripts, senior high school graduation certificate)
8.  Moderate amount of cash and credit card
9.  Clothing
10. Medicine

11. Insurance certificate

12. Address proof of your permanent residence (for opening bank account)


Pillows, bed sheet and bedding can be purchased after arrival.  Students should arrive in Hong Kong in late August.  Our Student Affairs Office and all programme offices will organise various orientation activities to help new students get familiar with the University as well as studying at HSUHK. For details of the Registration Day and orientation arrangements, please refer to the calendar of orientation activities provided together with the admission letter  or the arrival guide for better preparation.